When it comes to advice to help you make the most of every opportunity to create and maintain the wealth you need for the lifestyle you want – Independence Matters.

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Your Award-Winning, Independent Financial Planner

Financial Strategies to make the most of every opportunity, whatever stage of life you’re in


Financial coaching to set up your budget and saving plan, and then keep you on track to enter the property market.


Having children brings plenty of change. Prepare for the money side of starting a family with your financial game plan.


Divorce gives you a chance to start over and take control of your life. Make the right start with a solid financial plan that protects you and gives you financial stability.


Relaxing about leaving the workforce is much easier when you understand what you’ll need to retire on, how much you’ll be able to spend, whether you’ll get centrelink and how long your money will last.


Get professional guidance to make sure you take care of your inheritance in a way it would make someone proud.


Make sure helping the kids doesn’t cost you your retirement plans (or your centrelink entitlements!)


Retirement is meant to be an exciting time – not spent constantly worrying about money. Let us help you prepare for and enjoy your retirement without financial stress.


The feeling of responsibility of finding an Aged Care option that suits a family member is tough, let us help you with making the right financial decisions leaving you to focus of relationships.

What Should I Expect?

Expect something a little different.

Expect a financial planner who won’t give you a solution without first really getting to know you and what you want your life to look like.

Expect a solution that’s as individual as you are. No done once, set in stone financial plan, or one-size fits-all investment portolio.

Expect open and honest conversations that help you understand the advice you receive, and answer the most important question “How can I live the life I want?”

Expect us to be Independent, Problem Solvers, Approachable, Proactive, Analytical and Accountable.

What else would you expect from a team that’s been recognised as the Best Financial Planners in the country?

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Money Drive?

Find your
Financial North

Get a
Navigation Plan

Stay on

Investment Management

Making every portfolio personal

Once you have a strategy in place, it’s time to align your investments with your goals.

Relying on some of the worlds best research, and with access to a full suite of strategies, your adviser will create an investment blueprint that takes into account your objectives and risk tolerance. Throughout your journey, we’ll select, monitor and adjust those investments in response to market (and lifes) ups and downs.


Asset allocation is the most effective (and cheapest) way of managing risk and capturing returns (in fact studies have shown that over 90% of portfolio return is due to asset allocation!)

Your asset allocation strategy should be tailored to your personal tolerance for risk (the amount your investments will fluctuate), time horizon, and your return objectives.


Don’t get put into a basket with every other client, investing in managed funds which charge high fees and offer lower than market returns. Your investments should reflect your priorities and your lifestyle.

With our unique experience in both financial planning and stockbroking, we can incorporate direct and managed investments across every asset class to help you meet your financial goals.


Income need a little boost?

By selling options over the shares you own you can create an income stream to increase your cash flow without taking additional risk.

For many, doing buy-writes becomes time consuming and confusing. With our proprietary options monitor we can advise you on the best option strategies to help you maximise your income.

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