Take Control of Your Financial Future with Award-Winning, Independent Advice

If you’re wondering how you’ll ever be able to retire, pay off that debt, or create security for you and your family: Stop guessing. It’s time to take control of your money, plan your future, and create the financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of.


Cooper Wealth Management – Your Award-Winning, Independent Financial Planner

A personal plan that allows you to create the wealth you need for the lifestyle you want

  • Get clear on what you want your future to look like
  • Prioritise your cash flow to align with your short and long term goals
  • Pay down debt in the most effective way, so that you know how you will one day retire without the burden of debt
  • Optimise your tax position
  • Set up your assets so that they will be tax effective if you pass away
  • Ensure you and your family will be looked financially if something happens to you
  • Reduce unnecessary insurance, super and investment costs
  • Create an investment strategy that meets your income and future growth objectives
  • Have accountability to keep you on track to meet your goals
  • Answer with confidence when family or friends ask you “So what’s your plans look like”

All of these outcomes are completely within your reach…. but they DO depend on a step by step approach to help you make the most of every opportunity.

One that has been built especially for you, but still draws on the knowledge and systems created by award-winning financial specialists.

After all, your current position is different to that of your friends and family (let alone that of some complete stranger)…. And so is the future you want for yourself.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Cooper Wealth Management.

Felicity Cooper - Independent Financial Planner

Meet Felicity and the Team at Cooper Wealth Management – 3 times winner of Financial Planner of the Year.

As an Independent Financial Planning Practice, Cooper Wealth Management exists solely to help you create and manage the wealth you need for the lifestyle you want.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, including with some of the biggest names out there (like Goldman Sachs JBWere, Macquarie and Morgans), Felicity created Cooper Wealth Management to take a stand against sales quotas, commission bonuses, or dumbed-down strategy or product lists…

Instead, we offer The Wealth Framework for crafting the best financial plan which puts you at the centre of every recommendation: from strategy, to product, to implementation and keeping you on track.

All of this is completely tailored so you get more of what you want out of life, in the quickest, most cost effective, optimised way possible.

Meaning, you get to enjoy more of what you want out of life… both from a financial and lifestyle point of view, all while having a clear plan that you know let’s you take advantage of every opportunity to make your money work smarter for you…. instead of you feeling like you’re on the mouse wheel, working harder than ever but never really getting ahead.

So – How do we do it? How do we get you from where you are now… to that future you where you’ve got your financial sh*t together and know with complete confidence that you’re on track?

You do it with our Award Winning 5-point W.E.A.L.T.H. Stacking Process. A really clear method to align your money with what matters, creates a plan to get you where you want to go, and keeps you on track through the journey.

Do You Need A Financial Planner?

You’re ready to work with us to move towards your very own financial happy dance if:

  1. You’re wondering how you’re going to be able to retire some day, and want to make sure you absolutely NAIL the next few years
  2. You’ve been trying to pay down your debt and grow your super for a while now (maybe even years), but you aren’t getting ahead as much as you were hoping for
  3. You’ve already paid down your debt but now need to make sure that free cashflow is going to work for you
  4. You are already doing a pretty good job ‘adulting your money’, but want to make sure you’re doing the best you possibly could with it
  5. You care about making sure you (and your family) will be okay financially if you can’t work
  6. You’re excited about how much better life would be if you could “just get this money thing sorted
  7. You know that if you see a financial planner, you want one who is good at what they do and isn’t just going to try and sell you stuff
  8. You actually want to learn about how to make great money choices and know you can’t pin your financial future on the hopes of buying a winning lotto ticket

If you caught yourself nodding to at least 2 of the points above, then right now you’ve got nothing to lose and (possibly) everything to gain by having a chat – and I CANNOT wait to see if we can help you reach your full financial potential.

More Questions?

Awesome – we love questions!

Here’s the most common questions we get asked when we open our doors to new clients:

Q: What makes you better than other planners out there?

Straight to the point, aren’t you! That’s awesome.

We’re Independent – This means we act on a fee for service arrangement. You are quoted for a 12 month period, over which time we’ll make you a plan, fine tune that, make sure you understand it, implement it, and then monitor it and let you know if anything needs to be adjusted along the way if things change. Oh – and if things change for you in that time, we’ll help you make the best financial decisions for whatever comes your way. No further fees, and no commissions.

We recognized as being good (like, really, really good) at what we do. You’d struggle to find another firm that has the awards we have (and we don’t have a minimum fee that you could buy a new car with).

We’re not going to baffle you with bullsh*t. No made up numbers, no promises we can’t keep (which means weren’t not about to promise you 15% returns either). If you need a reality check, we’ll give it to you straight – with love of course, and only if it helps you get closer to your goals.

We’re not huge – you’ll mean something to us. Your story will be important to us, and we won’t take you for granted.

We’re experienced. We’re recognized for our level of Education (in fact we won an award for that too – winning the Association of Financial Advisers Excellence in Education Award). Our advisers have all been in the industry for over a decade (or a few decades).

Q: Don’t financial planners just sell insurance?

Eek – I used to think that too, when I was in investment markets. I think back in the day lots of financial planners were Insurance sales people. Not here. We will review your insurance, because it’s important that you don’t have too little…. Or too much.

We don’t get paid to sell you insurance though – in fact the process is a pain, but it’s necessary, and it’s one of those ‘adulting’ things you really should review. So, nope, no insurance salespeople here.

Even better, because we don’t take commission, if we do help you get new insurance, you’ll find it’s about 25% cheaper. And that’s for the whole life of the policy!

Q: Is the cost going to be worth it?

I bet you’ve heard that financial planning is just for the wealthy.


I hate that. Where does this information come from?

Yes, it will cost you. Our minimum fee in the first year of being a client is $3,960 (and is usually higher than that).

It’s also why we want to chat with you before we accept you as a client. Because, we don’t want to charge you a fee and not be able to give you value for that. It doesn’t always mean you’ll make that back in investment returns in the year (remember, we won’t make promises we can’t keep) – a lot of the value we give is in the strategy, which will compound for the rest of your life.

If we can’t create measurable value we won’t take you as a client (knowing though, that what represents value looks different to different people too, so we’ll make sure it’s valuable for you).

Q: I’ve seen other planners who recommend SMSF’s and investment properties. Will you do that?

Probably not. For starters, having a Self Managed Super Fund comes with a lot of responsibility and there’s a cost (both in money and energy) in having one. For some people they’re great, but they’re not some magic answer to your financial problems. Nor is an investment property.

We have more of a “don’t have all your eggs in one basket” kind of Investment Philosophy (which is also mathematically proven to reduce volatility and single asset risk, so that makes sense to us). Not too many people can have investment properties and a well-balanced, diversified investment portfolio as well.

Q: Will you judge me if I have avocado on toast

Yep I have been asked that. And, I stand by there being no such thing as a silly question.

We won’t judge you at all. Let’s face it, everyone has made a couple of financial decisions that they’re not proud of. Judging you isn’t going to help you move forward financially.

We also won’t tell you that you shouldn’t have avocado on toast – if that’s what’s really important to you. We’ll create space in your budget for enjoying the things you love – after all, that’s what money is for (we’ll even hold you accountable to doing the things you tell us are your goals). But, if you tell me that something else is really, really important, and we find that avo on toast is stopping you from getting what you really want, then we’ll point that out to you, let you put your big girl/boy pants on and let you make a decision about what you really want.

Q: What can you help with?

If it’s to do with money we can probably help (we’re a bit geeky like that). Our specialist financial planners can help with:

  • Investment Advice – We will work with you to help create an Investment Strategy that suits you, your goals, and your risk strategy. We can advise on most types of assets; including fixed interest, shares, managed funds, derivatives and ETFs to create a custom portfolio for you.
  • Retirement Planning – Now is the perfect time to check whether or not you’re on track to be able to make work optional, maintain a lifestyle in retirement AND to be able to do something about it if you’re falling short.
  • Debt Management – Not sure on how you’re every going to repay your debt? We’ll work out the most effective way to pay down debt, and create a plan that sees you reduce debt faster and in the most tax effective way possible.
  • Cash Flow Management – Take control of where your money goes and plug the leaks. We’ll help make sure you’re using you current cash to maximise long term wealth, reduce debt, plan for retirement and save on tax.
  • Superannuation – Let us help you make sure you’re not losing money on fees, underperforming default investment choices and that you’re taking full advantage of the opportunities within super (like spouse contribution, low-income tax offsets, tax deductible contributions, lower tax rates than another investment vehicle might provide and estate planning – the list goes on, but you get the picture).
  • Aged Care  – You might not have to worry about the financial implications of going into Aged Care just yet, but your parents might, and sometimes you’re the one who has to help make that decision with (or for) them. We can help navigate the jargon and the options available to create the best financial outcome possible.
  • Insurance – We will help ensure you have the right type and amount of cover, at the right price, to protect your greatest asset – your income, for you and your family if something happened to you and you could no longer work.
Q: Are you going to charge me to meet you the first time?

Nope – that one was easy. So, it’s completely risk free.

Now that we have all those questions answered, there’s probably just ONE left…

But, Felicity, can your team help me?

I don’t know yet… That one (like your plan) is completely individual …. Book a 15 minute chat and let’s find out!

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