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Where will your super go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your super if something happens to you? Maybe you’ve heard some of the […]

Should you hold Commercial property in your Super Fund?

We see a lot of super funds that hold commercial property. In fact, for some super funds they were set […]

Retirement Risks and YOU

What are the biggest financial risks to your Retirement? Retirement – you have longed for it you have your retirement […]

Super changes and your Age Pension?

Age Pension and the Super changes from 1st July – how will they impact on you? We all dream about […]

My retirement goal posts keep moving

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than the feeling that your retirement goal post keeps on being moved. I am often […]

Is it ever too early to talk to a financial planner?

What do most young people worry about? University, travelling, drinking and parties? What most young people don’t think enough about is long term financial planning and being financially responsible. A survey by the National Financial Educators Council found that 51% of respondents between 18 and 24 believed money management would be the high school course that would benefit them the most .

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