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We formulate a strategy for you that will identify the opportunities for growing and maintaining your wealth – in a way that lets you lead a wealthy life.


Once we go through this with you, we’ll both know the value we can add as your financial planner, and you’ll be in a position to decide whether to engage us as your financial planner with full confidence – no guessing about whether it will be worth it!

Step 4. Refine the plan

With a clear strategic direction already outlined, we’ll dial this in to create a full strategic plan, complete with next action steps, future considerations and a clear path forward.

Step 5. Implement, Adapt, Review and Reset

Life never stands still, and neither should your plans. Over time what’s important might change, as will your circumstances, outlook and goals. At the same time, the rules, regulations and economic outlook change as well.

We stay up to date with these, and catch up regularly to assess savings and opportunities, track results and reduce risk.

Together with your trained and experienced financial adviser, we’ll use research-based tools and sound strategies to find the easiest and most efficient path to your life goals.

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Case Study

David and Dianne

Understanding retirement

From fishing to spending time with the grandkids, how do we make this happen?

David and Dianne 4148% ROI

David and Dianne were looking for a financial planner who could help them understand what retirement looked like, how to structure this transition in the most financially effective way, and how to make it all happen. Ultimately, they wanted to find someone trustworthy that really understood them.

Investment property

2M in net liquid assets

Lifestyle goals

They had had a budget and were well organised financially, having already sold an investment property in Goulburn. With close to $2 million in net liquid assets, they didn’t have any lofty goals, but wanted to to maintain an income of $80,500 a year in their retirement so they could both enjoy their current lifestyle. For David, this was fishing. For Dianne, this was spending time with the three grandkids and in the garden. They would also like to keep a minimum of $120,000, which they could use for travel, a retirement party, and any emergency expenses.

Our recommendations


Make a $3,000 spouse contribution in order to get the Tax Offset

Over 7 years

Reduce unnecessary insurance cover, saving $21,793 in premiums per annum being paid on unnecessary insurance for the next 7 years

Over 10 years

Use the proceeds of your property sale to repay the mortgage, rather than having this as a cash savings account

Over 20 years

Consolidate superannuation funds, saving $3393 every year in fees

$9,224 Potential tax saving for adult beneficiaries

Re-contribution strategy to reduce the taxable component in super

$94,245 Gained in Centrelink entitlements

Spouse rebalancing of super

Peace of mind

Review Estate planning

Historically similar returns for 1/3 less risk

Review portfolio, reducing exposure to underperforming, higher risk assets


4148% ROI

Total measurable benefit of initial advice
$9,900 Fee

Lets hummm together

It’s not set and forget around here

Together with your trained and experienced financial adviser, we’ll use research based tools and sound strategies to create a clear path to your life goals.

As with life, investing comes with its own set of trade-offs. We create an investment strategy that suits you.

Your roadmap is a clear plan for the future.

Tailored to what’s important to you:

  • Keeping costs low?
  • Managing tax implications?
  • Capturing performance?
  • Creating Income?
  • Ethical investment advise?
  • Protection from bad markets?
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