Winner FPA Financial Planner AFP of the Year Award

Money & Life Magazine recently featured our Director, Felicity Cooper, winner of the FPA (the Financial Planning Association) Financial Planner AFP of the Year.

As they mentioned:

“for a small self-licensed business operating out of its Gold Coast office on the Isle of Capri, Cooper Wealth Management consistently punches well above their weight. And with two of their staff members, including its founder Felicity Cooper AFP, winning awards at the 2018 FPA Awards, the business  must be doing something right.”


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Felicity Cooper

Owner and Financial Planner

As the owner of Hive Wealth, I focus on leading a team that helps you save money, spot opportunities, invest well and lower financial risk.

Your best choice of financial planners who grow your wealth and life by saving money, finding financial opportunities, investing smarter and lowering financial risk. We increase your wealth, and know your life is more than money. Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia an increasingly serving clients nationally.

Client grinning and award-winning

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